Vitebsk Central Sports Complex (CSC)

Vitebsk, Vitebsk, Ludnikov Ave. 12

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The history of appearing Vitebsk Central Sports Complex (CSC) 

Vitebsk CSC is a state institution of physical culture and sport, which is located in the city of Vitebsk. It is known as the home stadium of a football team of the club “Vitebsk”, which is in the Major League of the Belarusian championship. “Rubon” (the basketball club) and “Marko” (the volleyball club) also train in the sports hall.

The sports complex is a renovated version of the former stadium “Dinamo”, which has been on this territory since 1937 (according to some other data – since 1950). In the 80-ies of the 20th century it was undergone a reconstruction. The stands of this stadium accommodated up to 5.5 thousand spectators.    

The following reconstruction was more large-scale, it included two steps. First of all it was planned to expand the stadium up to 8000 seats, to add a transparent canopy over the seats, to set a new digital display and improve the lighting, to create a football field itself with a modern heating system.

In the beginning of April, 2003 a modernized object received its new name – “Vitebsk Central Sports Complex (CSC)”.

And in 2005 the complex was awarded a special permit, which allowed holding football matches of an international scale.

And, finally, the second step of the reconstruction meant to expand eastern and northern stands up to 15 000 seats.

The description of Vitebsk CSC

The Central Sports Complex in Vitebsk is pretty large and includes several interesting sport (and not only) premises. First of all, we should note two large football fields, where from time to time are held games of various scales. On the territory of the Complex there is an indoor track that is equipped with modern facilities and a new covering. Inside the northern part of the building there is a boxing hall. Not far from it is located a track for skaters.

In the western part of the Complex there is a practice area for athletes. There are three rooms: the main hall with stands for playing basketball and volleyball is intended for 330 people, and two smaller halls – for aerobics and athleticism.   

Among the premises for relaxation in the complex there are baths, restorative and rehabilitation centers, several rooms for massage, as well as a room to check for doping. Among entertaining places we should note a cozy café, a spacious hotel, a conference-hall and a bar.   

There are many other rooms and offices for operational staff, whether it is coaches or security guards. Many shower rooms, toilets and cloak-rooms are located throughout the entire building of the Complex. Also close to the CSC is located a car park, which is guarded.

On the territory of the sports complex Vitebsk CSC are regularly held matches of the Championship of Belarus on football. In 2002 the stadium welcomed the final of the Cup of Belarus on football. And two years later the Complex hosted the Championship of Belarus on basketball.  

The Complex is very popular among local residents, people come here not only to root for “ours”, but also to go in for one of the available sports.


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