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Minsk, Minsk, st. Surganova, 4a

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For many years, the Republic of Belarus has been rightfully included in the elite of the world freestyle, for the Belarusian athletes regularly show excellent results in international competitions, and the names of Alla Zuper, Dmitry Dashchinsky, Alexei Grishin and Anton Kushnir, who are the pride of the Belarusian nation, are written in gold letters in the history of world freestyle. Great Belarusian aerial acrobats glorify Sineokaya far beyond its borders, so the opening of the Republican Center for Olympic Freestyle Training in Minsk was a matter of time.

Not so long ago the RCCH for freestyle was transformed from the existing sports and recreation complex and continues to function smoothly for the joy of professional aerial acrobats and ordinary Belarusians, for whom the doors to the capital center are always open. Plus it consists in the fact that the complex of shelters is a training base for professional freestylers. For visitors and visitors of the city it is a perfect zone for recovery and rest after a hard working week with family and friends. Anyone can visit the complex, for its services are diverse and will suit the most discerning guest.

In the center there can be held world-class competitions not only in freestyle, but also in swimming, and athletes can train year-round, no matter what the weather is outside the window. The sports zone is supplemented by seats for spectators for many hundreds of seats, where, in addition to fans of aerial acrobatics, the coaching staff and the judiciary are housed. Along with professional athletes in the RCCH freestyle took care of making the life of ordinary Belarusians more diverse and energetic. First and foremost, this is an aquapark that offers a lot of entertaining for different age categories, from mountain descents of various complexity and comfortable jacuzzis to cozy cafes and bars, including for small visitors, who pay special attention to the complex. Young guests can swim in the swimming pools. For the youngest is a safer option, for students there is a pool older. In each pool there is something that will make the child's life diverse, starting with nets, through which you can climb, and ending with water pistols. Plus, at any time, each of the visitors can escape from the rest to watch how the famous aerial acrobats train, which will also go down in the treasure chest of impressions.

For those who do not want to relax in the jacuzzi, but prefer to do their own body, the capital complex offers you to attend fitness classes with the purchase of a profitable season ticket or visit the gym, where, under the guidance of a professional instructor, you can easily achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time. Floating is a modern procedure, gaining momentum all over the world, aimed at total relaxation of the body, which has become especially popular among Belarusians. Who wants to warm up a bit, you can drive balls in bowling or billiards.

RCEN freestyle guarantees a wonderful pastime with benefit for the body and for a good mood.

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