The stadium “Spartak” in Mogilev

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The history of appearing the stadium “Spartak” in Mogilev 

Great importance in all the regions of Belarus is given to sports. We try to involve young people in it and advocate a healthy lifestyle in every way. In addition, many favorable conditions for the development of sport are created in the country: new stadiums are opened, complexes, which were built before, are reconstructed and modernized.    

On the territory of modern Mogilev is located a sports complex under the name “Spartak”.  The main purpose of the construction of this stadium was the holding of football matches. The stadium “Spartak” is the home stadium for trainings of the football club “Dnieper”.    

The opening of the stadium was held solemnly in 1956. And a year later it became the home stadium for the football team “Chemist” that later changed its name to “Dnieper”.

In 2009 was completed a reconstruction of the stadium, after which it is a modern complex fully equipped with all necessary new equipment. During the reconstruction the stands were modified, a canopy and new lighting system was established, the scoreboard was improved, as well as a new large screen where you can see interesting moments of the match was set here. The field was covered with new grass, drainage and irrigation systems and undersoil heating were installed, as well as many other improvements were carried out there.    

The description of the stadium “Spartak” in Mogilev

After the reconstruction the stadium “Spartak” could easily host matches not only of the Republican scale. On August 26, 2010 here was held the qualifying UEFA Europa League match between Mogilev team “Dnieper” and Spanish team “Villarreal”. The stadium can also remember qualifying matches of European championship on football among young men till 17 years and girls up to 19 years.

The stadium is a large football field with spacious stands for spectators consisting of almost 8000 seats. Besides the football field itself, there are three separate areas for streetball. On the territory of the complex there are also fields for mini football and volleyball. Here is a place equipped for shot-put, two areas for long jumping.  Around the football field there is a large indoor track with a modernized covering. Inside the complex you can visit a weight room with a great number of various trainers. In addition, visitors of the sports complex can also play table tennis in a specially equipped place.
An administrative-household building of the sports complex “Spartak’" is a building of Moscow international Bank and is a historical and cultural monument of the early 20thcentury.

On the stadium “Spartak” are held not only football matches, here also train many local sportsmen. Fr om time to time on the territory of the complex are carried out various performances and concerts, because not every hall can accommodate such a number of spectators. In winter the stadium of the sports complex “Spartak” turns into a magical place wh ere memories of football stay away in warm days. On the place of running tracks appeared an ice rink, therefore active residents and visitors can spend their time ice skating on the stadium. During the whole winter here actively works a skate rental and is held mass ice skating.


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