Sports and health ski complex "Mozyr"

Mozir, Mozyr, J. Kupala, 26а

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Among the numerous lovers to swoop down fr om the top of the highest mountain slope, when a light frost penetrates, and the brightest winter sun shines in the eyes, there are those who have long been a fan of the snow-capped Alps, preferring at least once a year for a week to break into frosty Austria or picturesque Switzerland . But this kind of rest can be found without difficulty in our native Belarus, which will save not only money, but also time. After all, the beautiful ski resorts are located nearby, and the beauty and quality of service are in no way inferior to Western analogues. And you do not need to fly anywhere, which is good, because you can spend more time on your personal rest. Such a pastime is offered by the sports and health ski complex "Mozyr", located on the territory of the ancient town of Gomel region on the shore of the picturesque Pripyat river. It is noteworthy that Mozyr has an alpine relief, so the Belarusian place is not in vain compared with distant Switzerland.

The ski complex opened its doors relatively recently and works smoothly for the joy of numerous visitors not only from Mozyr, but also from remote corners of Belarus. There is a center surrounded by a birch grove of the local reserve in a picturesque and remarkable place, pleasing the eye of anyone who happens there. And the location in the city center automatically solves the problem with the arrival of visitors. The ski complex offers a variety of services, including a specific choice of routes, based on a professional level of skill. So, there is a stunning descent for masterful guests of decent length in Mozyr. Beginners can try the training track, wh ere ski instructors are taught by professional instructors. For those visitors who are not particularly keen on skis, it is suggested to spend time in a slightly different way: to feel like a real figure skater, coming out on the ice and making some elements, as well as a hockey player, having played a couple of matches with friends. To get a snowboard here is also not a problem! Extraordinary "Tobbogan" with ornate and steep descents is a real attraction of the ski complex, which will appeal to lovers of extreme relaxation with adrenaline rush!

In the center, do not forget about the smallest of its guests, who can have fun separately from adults, jumping on a trampoline or riding a special electric car, which will give kids joy and many impressions. In summer the ski center is not idle, offering numerous guests bike tours and roller skates. On hot summer days, you can play tennis or football, and for lovers of romantic walks you should go for a walk in Pripyat and appreciate the local scenic landscapes. If, after long skating and walking, the feeling of hunger crept unnoticed, you can taste delicious dishes in a cozy restaurant or the original tavern, located in the vicinity of the ancient castle complex. Guests staying in the hotel should stop in the comfortable wonderful houses of the center or in the city hotel.

Recreational Mozyr complex will appeal to visitors of all ages which appear once here, will want to return to the picturesque town of Pripyat once again.


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