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Zaslavl Regatta Course

Zaslavl Regatta Course

Zaslavl, Gonoles st.1, 223036

Water sports centers

The Centre was established on the basis of the Republican School of Higher Sportsmanship in Water Sports (founded April 1, 1980). In 2006, began its large-scale reconstruction, construction of engineering and transport infrastructure, administrative-household building, medical-recovery center and other facilities was carried out. The reconstruction was completed in 2011.

The Zaslavl Regatta Course is the leading institution in the Republic of Belarus in the preparation of national and national teams for rowing and canoe.

The Zaslavl Regatta Course is located in the northwestern part of the Zaslavsky reservoir at the confluence of the main canal of the Vileisko-Minsk water system near the city of Zaslavl and has a length of 2150 meters, the channel width is 130 meters, and its depth is 3-3.5 meters.

On the territory of the rowing channel there is a final tribune for 152 seats and an intermediate tribune with a capacity of 480 seats. The competition process can be observed on the largest LED display in Belarus (66 square meters).

On the territory of the complex is the training process of national and national teams, as well as international competitions. The Centre hosted the European Rowing Championship among juniors (U18) in May 2013, the World Rowing and Canoe World Championship in August 2014 and the ICF Junior & Under 23 Canoe Sprint World Championships in August 2016.

Along with trainings and competitions, the Zaslavl Regatta Course renders tourist services. The successful location of the complex and the wild nature allow organizing family and corporate holidays here.

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