Republican Center for Olympic Training "Staiki"

Staiki, 223065, Minsk region, the Republic of Belarus

Sports complex, Stadiums, arenas

The historical path of the legendary sports complex began in the post-war period with ordinary tents, where Belarusian sportsmen were accommodated on the eve of preparations for the parade in Moscow. This place is especially attracted to athletes and coaching staff, so it's no wonder that after a while large-scale construction activities started in this territory, when in a picturesque area there were buildings of wood, and then of brick. Gradually, the territory began to be built up at lightning speed, and already on it appeared a spacious hall, a cozy hotel, a wonderful reservoir. But this was not the limit. In those days, the newly-made sports complex could function only on hot summer days, for the rest of the time it was idle, which for many Belarusian athletes was not quite convenient. And then, at the highest state level, a fateful decision was made to transfer the "Staiki" to year-round operation, completing several sports facilities on its vast territory, which was immediately done.
Now the sports complex "Staiki" works fine, occupying almost eight dozen hectares of area where teams of the Republic of Belarus train on the eve of international competitions, including the most prestigious Olympic Games. But it all began once with a few tents! In addition to the fact that in the legendary complex, rattling not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in other countries, professionals train in their field, it is also an excellent place for organizing leisure activities for residents of the capital and other Belarusian settlements. Just a couple of minutes drive from Minsk - and to the attention of visitors are opened stunning landscapes, filled with chirping of birds, which differs significantly from a noisy metropolis. "Flocks" is not only a beautiful weekend, but also the organization of various holidays in an original and spiritual atmosphere.

For those who plan to stay the night, hotel services are provided. If someone wants to relax after a hard day's work, you can go to a beautiful bathhouse, splash in the modern swimming pool, visit a professional masseur, and in winter ski down the steep slopes of stunning beauty. On the territory of the sports complex it's time to think about personal health, when it is possible to visit the numerous offices equipped with the most modern medical equipment. Here you can take advantage of a number of services provided with the latest technology in the field of medicine, from laser therapy to massage and high-quality dentistry. There is an opportunity to perfectly diversify personal leisure, chasing the ball across the field, running with a racket in tennis, running billiard balls in the hole. And those who prefer active rest to the passive to sit and think, it is suggested to take a boat for hire or relax in a cozy summerhouse in the fresh air. The box office with a special ring and boxing ammunition, as well as a gym with a complex of various equipment, which everyone will like for those who want to swing a press or lose excess weight, enjoys a special demand in the "Packs".

The sports complex "Staiki" is perfect for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer regular trips to nature to noisy cities and watching TV.

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