Republican Center for Olympic Training of Equestrian Sports and Horse Breeding "Ratomka"

Ratomka, Ratomka, Koritsky, 136

Sports complex, Stadiums, arenas

In the vicinity of Minsk, away from the chaotic capital movement, there is a real island of tranquility called the Republican Center for Olympic Training of Equestrian Sports and Horse Breeding "Ratomka", where horses are quietly grazing, and numerous guests come here only for positive emotions. The well-known center in Belarus in the 90s grew out of a special educational institution called Dovator. Equestrian sport is considered to be one of the most impressive competitions, thanks to which it is possible to achieve excellent results in the international arena, and as a bonus to receive from communication with the horse an immense pleasure, to relieve stress. The popular complex has many good intentions:

- Preparation of a national team for the most prestigious international tournaments, where the Republic of Belarus is considered to be one of the most titled participants;

- organization of cultural events for the population;

- breeding of thoroughbred horses in order to operate the training section.

It is noteworthy that every year the complex in Ratomka recruits children for riding lessons, which eventually grow up real titled athletes glittering at the international level. The center not only teaches riding at a professional level, it is also possible to spend a wonderful free time away from a busy urban rhythm in a quiet rural setting, riding a pony horse or making an unforgettable walk around the neighborhood in a painted carriage. There are regularly a variety of prestigious competitions that can be assessed without any problems by every fan of one of the most spectacular sports.

The popular complex by its nature is multifunctional, because it additionally deals with the sale of horses, renders veterinary services, produces sawn timber, organizes passenger transportation, transports dangerous goods, delivers horses to Belarus and European countries. In Ratomka it is also worth visiting a specialized museum where you can learn everything about the history of horse breeding in the Republic of Belarus. It is better for each parent to do this while their child is enthusiastically riding a horse or in an old carriage.

In Ratomka there is a place where to stay, if guests came from the most remote corners of Belarus. This is a large-scale base "Kryzhovka" and a cozy hotel "Ratomka". And to taste delicious dishes better in a local cafe, in the menu of which there is a great variety of original dishes. In addition to touching communication with horses, the complex in Ratomka recommends its dear visitors to play paintball, which is very popular among Belarusian labor collectives. And for those who are not very confident in the saddle, but want to learn how to ride a horse in the shortest time, classes are offered with a professional instructor.

The center of the republican scope "Ratomka" waits all comers to communicate with horses, to have a good rest in a pleasant atmosphere and to receive from this a lot of unforgettable impressions that will prove so strong that they will make you return to these picturesque lands in the near future!

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