The ski center "Silichi"

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The ski center "Silichi" is located 32 km from Minsk near the village of Silichi. It is a large recreational and entertainment complex that will delight both adults and children. A large number of trails of varying complexity for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling will be a great pleasure for professionals and amateurs.

Extreme Park includes a snowpark, halfpipe, several large jumps. All the routes include a cable car, designed for a large number of places. For beginners, a long-distance training course is equipped. If necessary, you can pay for classes with a professional trainer. All necessary sports and protective equipment for outdoor activities can be easily rented.

A bit of history

Ski complex "Silichi" was opened in early 2005. Originally it was created for classes on cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding and just active recreation. The number of visits was small, but fresh air and picturesque terrain attracted tourists. The height of the hills reached 76 m, which made it possible to go from the heart and relax, but was not suitable for more professional training.

However, after artificial spilling, the slopes became steeper and higher, which allowed creating several additional routes of different levels of complexity, as well as speed descents. To date, the difference in the heights of the hills is more than 100 m, the length of the trails for snowmobile trips is more than 2.5 km, the ski runs are 1.1 km. For a complete family vacation, there are skating rinks and children's playgrounds.

To the delight of anglers

In the summer time the ski center "Silichi" offers a lot of different activities for those who chose this place for a holiday in the warm season. On the territory of the complex is a wonderful pond, in whose waters fishing is allowed. Connoisseurs of fishing can rent any fishing rod and folding chair for maximum comfort. Prepare a catch in your spare time in the barbecue-equipped pavilions.


Karting is very popular in the sports complex "Silichi" in the warm season. Here, anyone can feel like a real rider and compete for the title of champion. All necessary equipment, maps and protective gear are issued on site. Upon termination of arrival you receive a detailed interpretation of time on each circle. Racing takes place on modern racing maps, which can be managed not only by experienced motorists, but also by anyone.


Also you can ride a quad bike, for control, which does not need additional documents or special clothes. Everyone gets everything they need on the spot, and if necessary learns how to operate this vehicle. For riding on ATVs there are several open trails of various complexity, some of them - only accompanied by an instructor.

Summer season

In summer, in the sports and health center "Silichi", there are cross-country tracks for cycling and roller skating, big courts for tennis and badminton, volleyball and basketball courts. Also here you can play billiards of several kinds and show your skill and accuracy in darts.

For body and soul

On the territory of the mountain-skiing center "Silichi" there are cosmetic and bath complexes where you can swim in the pool, enjoy all kinds of massage, all kinds of caring procedures and masks.

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