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"Minsk-Arena" is one of the main ornaments of the capital. This cultural and sports complex is one of the most high-tech multifunctional sports complexes in Europe.

The construction of the Minsk-Arena ICSC was initiated by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus in 2006. The works on erecting this object were carried out very intensively - about 2000 people were involved on the sites every day.

The authors of the project "Minsk Arena" are the creative team of architects V. Kutsko, V. Budaev, A. Nitiievsky, A. Shabalin. For its implementation, they were awarded the State Prize.

Structure of the complex

The architectural style of the building system is high-tech. List of facilities forming the Minsk-Arena: ·

  • sports and cultural structure ice Arena; the main site is the heart of the complex. The figures tell us that the hockey box corresponds to European standards. Its area is 60 by 30 meters, it includes: 4 spectator stands, with separate entrances, 42 VIP seats, 2 government and 1 presidential boxes. The lightest roof for its size can withstand a 120-ton load, the voltage monitoring in its construction is carried out using a sophisticated sensor system. The stands hold about 15,000 guests;
  • sports facility Skating Stadium - the first such kind in Belarus covered with a 400-meter ice track, two hockey grounds. The temperature of the ice cover is adjustable. The capacity of the stands is 3000 people.
  • sports facility Velodrome.

Each of the above-mentioned integral parts of a single whole is used in various spheres. For example, the ice arena can serve as a concert stage, and in the center of the cycle track there are fields and grounds for playing badminton, tennis, mini-football.
The developed infrastructure of Minsk-Arena makes the complex attractive for fans of spectacular events:
  • convenient parking (one of them is multi-storey);
  • dressing rooms for athletes, wardrobes for spectators (the number of wardrobes is 54, that is, after the end of the event all spectators or fans can leave the complex in 40 minutes);
  • many cafes and eateries;
  • A modern security system works.
  • Multiple use of the complex's capabilities
Ice "Minsk-Arena" - home ground of the hockey club "Dynamo" (Minsk). Ice teams, tracks, courts come to train teams from many nearby countries.

Here, sports battles of the highest level are held. 2014 was marked in the life of the Sports Complex by the matches of the World Hockey Championship.

Sometimes the Minsk-Arena squares are provided for spectacular entertainment events. Performances by Elton John, Sting, Joe Cocker, Jose Carreras, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Depeche Mode, other show business stars of the first magnitude is far from a complete list of the magnificent concerts that have taken place during the years of the complex's existence.

The sports complex is a very friendly place not only for top-people. Here there are sports sections, massage and SPA salons, which can be visited by those who wish. Excursions are conducted in all rooms.

Minsk-Arena is so magnificent that a precedent is known when in the film "Legend No. 17" on the hockey theme, he "played the role" of the Montreal "Forum". The level of events held in the sports complex is so high, it is so often mentioned in the event series of sports and cultural events of the European level, inscribing itself into history that one day and its role will be played. His interiors, the atmosphere that reigns in him, will be reverently reproduced by descendants in the script of a historical film about our time. After all, "Minsk-Arena" is a symbol of the epoch.

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