The Ice Palace in Mogilev

Mogilev, Mogilev, ul. Gagarina 1

Ice Palaces, Sports complex

In Mogilev sports grounds have always been enough, but in 2000 the city experienced a special event – Mogilev residents got their own ice arena. The building is on the balance of the state specialized training and sport institution “Regional Centre of Olympic Reserve for hockey”.

Life in the sports complex has been in full swing almost since the first day of its work, the institution became popular among both adults and children. The comfortable modern building on Gagarin Street, 1 was quickly filled with the necessary equipment, various clubs were opened here and started training athletes.

A large-scale ice hockey and concert area

The main direction of the Ice Palace is, of course, to develop ice hockey in the region and to conduct hockey matches. In free from games time the ice rink is transformed into a concert area: for this purpose the rink is covered with a special coating. It protects the ice itself from melting and does not allow the cold to come onto the surface. Then the stage is mounted and another 800 chairs are added in the stalls. In total, by the way, the Palace accommodates more than three thousand spectators, during concerts and other events – about four thousand. The stands are set around the ice box in the form of the letter “U”.   

Life of the Ice rink in Mogilev 

In winter Mogilev Ice Palace, as never before, is filled with youth – both on weekdays and weekends public skating are held depending on the schedule. In addition, here are also conducted classes with the young generation, works a weight room with an instructor, a fitness-studio makes up groups on aerobics, fitball, yoga, Pilates, weight training; among dance styles – Latin, Zumba, belly dancing, MTV Dance, erotic and wedding dance, there is a possibility of individual lessons with a coach. Therefore not only to fans of hockey, but anyone who leads an active lifestyle and spends time playing sports are always welcomed here.

The home of the hockey club “Mogilev” was opened in the presence of the President 

The team has been training on the basis of the Ice Palace since the very beginning of its existence. In 2000 the opening of the arena hosted the first hockey match between the veteran teams of Mogilev and Shklov. President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko played in the guest’s team.  

Nowadays a young generation of hockey athletes is prepared every day – here are trained sportsmen of children's sections and teams of the Regional Center of Olympic Reserve. To this purpose very year the children and youth school of Olympic reserve enrolls children for training. In addition to the hockey direction, a decent change of current Champions in figure skating is prepared in the Ice Palace.

In the Ice Palace there is a café “Over-time”, where you can eat Belarusian, home and European cuisines. The building itself is rectangle, its main façade is decorated with a mirror composition. Near the entrance is a green lawn and paved footpaths.

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