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In Baranovichi of Brest region its own Ice arena appeared in the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Since the day of the opening of the Ice Palace that happened in 2009 hockey and figure skating have actively been developing in the district center. Besides these sports, the ice skating complex in Baranovichi is focused on developing active recreation for the residents and bringing up in the young generation culture of health and fitness.   

The layout of the Ice Palace 

The ice field is traditionally on the ground floor. The stands of the Palace accommodate 2 thousand fans, for the staff of hockey teams there are another 286 seats. In the right part of the building are located six cloakrooms, massage rooms and rooms for skate sharpening, entrances on the ice field, here are the offices for trainers and referees, works medical office. It is planned that the corridors and passageways to the ice field on the ground floor will be equipped with a special coating, laid on top of tiles, on which hockey players and figure skaters, putting on skates, will be able to go.

On the first floor there are a room for bowling and a weight room. Here are VIP boxes, administrative and service rooms, a room with sound equipment, rooms for storage of sporting goods and work of instructors, as well as utility rooms. Here also operates a buffet with 30 seats.

The second floor includes billiard rooms, a conference hall, as well as spacious rooms for dancing and fitness. Here is also equipped a box for guests, accommodating about 20 people.

In addition, other sports are actively developed in Baranovichi. The Ice Palace has an acrobatic hall (48x36 m), it is assumed that here the youth will begin to be taught ball games – basketball and volleyball, also the hall will be a battle arena – here will be held competitions on Boxing.

Athletes and visitors of the Palace can have a snack in several places of the Ice Palace in Baranovichi. Here is a modern café with 70 seats and also here operates a buffet that can accommodate another 20 guests. 

Technical capabilities of the arena is being expanded

Recently operational capabilities of Baranovichi ice arena have been expanded significantly. Now not only hockey matches can be held on the ice field. Recently the management of the sports complex acquired specialized equipment, allowing transforming the ice box into a large area for a concert or another event.

Ice is covered with a special surface which protects it from melting and does not allow the cold to come onto the surface. Then the stage is mounted on the ice, about five hundred chairs are placed in in the stalls.

Services to the public 

On the basis of the city Ice Palace special children and youth sports school of Olympic Reserve №3 on a paid basis conducts classes in circles and clubs in acrobatics, jumping on the acrobatic track, gymnastics and table tennis. In free from training time, the ice is open for public skating of residents.

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