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Gomel Sports Complex "Dynamo"

Gomel Sports Complex "Dynamo"


Sports complex

In the early 20-ies of the last century, when the USSR was only making its first steps towards the creation of a powerful state, the country needed a powerful law enforcement system. For this purpose, the Chekists-the staff of the Extraordinary Commission, who was supposed to suppress the centers of counter-revolution and sabotage-were carefully trained. In the ranks of the commission they recruited so-called ideological, but this quality was not enough. To protect law and order in the country, it was necessary to be physically strong. To bring up endurance in law enforcement officers was the main task of the newly created department - the Belarusian Physical Culture and Sports Society (BFSO) Dynamo.
This organization appeared in 1923 and to this day has not lost close cooperation with law enforcement and power structures. Here they train and sharpen the skills of people who stand in defense of the state.
Despite its fame and openness for new participants, BFD "Dynamo" is not an elite sports club. The interests of ten departments are united here: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the KGB, the Investigation Committee, the Prosecutor's Office and others. Activities in the field of sports, physical education and recreation covers the whole country.

Gomel "Dynamo" appeared one of the first 

The organization was born in Minsk. Immediately after the appearance of the physical culture and sports society in Belarus, the unit was opened in Gomel. The next regional center, where the "Dynamo" came, was Vitebsk. Further organizational structures in the regions were opened only from 1938.
The Gomel Sports Complex "Dynamo" is based today on 7 sports halls. Many sports develop here. For example, the hall for boxers has more than 400 square meters. Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling are practiced almost 240 on squares, judoists are allocated 215 square meters. The camp is arranged on 87 square meters. m, the room for weightlifters occupies 10 square meters, for athletes - about 220. In each of the halls are conducted training sessions of two children's and youth sports schools of the Olympic reserve - № 1 and № 2.
For even higher productivity of athletes, the material and technical base is being improved, where young children can hone their skills. In 2007-2008, the BFSO in Gomel carried out major repairs of the athletics, judo, and bicycle bases; In the order led and hostels with ancillary facilities. We began to repair and the hall, where wrestlers are engaged.
"Dynamo" supports fire and rescue sports, Thai boxing, table tennis and modern pentathlon. Here educate professionals - every year more than fifty "Dynamo" are included in the national teams for these sports.
BFD "Dynamo" in Gomel prepares athletes and rowing, canoeing and kayaking. For this purpose, a rowing base is opened on the bank of the Gomel Sozh, in its arsenal there are 68 rowing vessels, a special gym.
In addition, the Dynamo BFSO has built its own economy class hotel in the center of Gomel oblast, and it has 38 rooms for athletes.
In many sports complexes competitions of young sportsmen of city, regional and republican levels constantly pass. Under the auspices of the Dynamo, inter-departmental competitions of power structures are organized: among the teams of the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the SC, the State Customs Committee, the presidential security service and other organizations choose, for example, the best shooters or dog handlers.

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