Gomel Regional Center of the Olympic Reserve for Game Sports

Gomel, Gomel, Irininskaya, 16-2

Sports complex

GRCOR appeared in 1998 according to the decision of the city executive committee and first it functioned as a children's and youth sports school. Over time, in connection with the highest level of training of Belarusian athletes in international competitions, the institution was awarded the title of a special school, and then the center. At this moment, the Gomel Regional Olympic Reserve Center for playing sports is a key regional organization that manages numerous kinds of sports, including mini-football. It is noteworthy that about eight hundred students are studying here now, which many of them represent the Belarusian state on the international arena in various sports programs. Some students continue to realize themselves professionally in big sports in the future.

The Gomel complex consists of:
a large hall, equipped with a special scoreboard and accommodating almost a thousand people;
  • a small hall, also well equipped with modern sports equipment;
  • a gym with variety of training; 
  • Restorative room, consisting of a sauna for relaxation and pool tables; 
  • a hall for playing table tennis; 
  • cozy hotel;
  • a conference hall used to organize meetings on sports topics with the participation of highly qualified teachers in this field.

The modern hotel of the Gomel Center is represented by a variety of budget-priced rooms ranging from single rooms to four-bed rooms for every taste and size of a purse. The hotel is located in the central part of the city, so it's easy to get to it. The hotel is designed for both Belarusian residents and visitors. The rooms are cozy, comfortable, modern, equipped with everything you need, from electric kettles to fridges. The Gomel Center trains not only local sport stars, but also students from nearby settlements such as Rechitsa, Rogachev, Kalinkovichi. Among the honorary students of the center are multiple winners of republican and international competitions, which are rightfully proud of not only the GRCOR, but also the Republic of Belarus. The Gomel complex is in active contact with numerous centers of similar orientation in Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.

For everybody who wish for a moderate fee, a whole package of services operates in the sports center: the allocation of gyms as training venues, and the organization of cultural events; a subscription to the gym, a sauna, provision of courts for darts and table tennis. In the complex there is a valid price list with the indication of the cost in Belarusian rubles with VAT and the required amount of time.

If someone wants to play a table tennis, steam in a modern sauna, ride an exercise bike, hold a business press-conference with business-partners, the doors of the sports center in Gomel are open to everyone!

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