Gomel Ice Palace of Sports

Gomel, Gomel, st. Mazurov, 110

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Especially for those residents of the beautiful Gomel who adhere to the correct saying that a healthy mind is in a healthy body, and takes a responsible attitude towards sports, preferring to regularly monitor oneself, the Gomel Ice Palace of Sports opens the doors every day. This is the most suitable place for someone who wants to train his capricious child in figure skating, so that in a few years the future Olympic champion will grow from a young talent. It's a great opportunity to skate together with friends to diversify the free Saturday evening. Or visit a cozy and stylish gym, under the guidance of an experienced instructor to drop a couple of kilograms to the approaching spring. Or take part in yoga classes to relax after a hard day's work. This and much more can be found in the Gomel Ice Palace, pleasing the numerous citizens and visitors of the city for many years, for the first time he opened the doors in 2000 in the popular area of ​​Melnikov Lug. The large-scale construction of the palace started in 1998, and the expected building was commissioned much earlier.

It is interesting that the tribunes of the palace are placed C-shaped, and the capacity of the palace has more than one thousand spectators. In the palace are often held various matches in hockey and competitions in figure skating of the national and international levels. It is noteworthy that the ice box can easily be transformed into an arena for various events, from tennis and gymnastics to boxing and concert programs with the participation of Belarusian pop stars, as well as invited performers from other countries. A little later, a special training ground was added to the palace, which was good for him.

Now the ice palace is a home ground for the local hockey club Gomel, which regularly gathers many loyal fans at thousands of stands. Annually in the ice palace there is a popular "Polesie Cup", which is rightfully considered a world-class tournament. The youth school of the Olympic reserve is successfully functioning within the walls of the palace. In the ice complex there is much useful for a fruitful pastime, from gyms to saunas and gyms, for the palace in Gomel is a multifunctional institution where everyone will find something useful for themselves. In the walls of the palace are located not only sports sections, but also a fashionable hairdresser, and a cozy cafe, and a budget solarium. Nearby is the hotel of the hockey club "Gomel" for several dozen rooms at democratic prices and with the highest level of service.

The Gomel Ice Sports Palace is a real city celebrity and local pride, which definitely will appeal to those who prefer to rest actively and with the benefit of personal health, instead of lying on the couch at home on the couch with a TV remote control. In the palace there is everything that the experienced visitor will surely like, making him return to the cozy walls of the popular Gomel complex. And not once.

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