Palace of Gymnastics in Mogilev

Mogilev, Mogilev, ul. Krupskoi 137

Sports complex

The history of appearing of the Palace of Gymnastics in Mogilev 

In the city of Mogilev, like in all other regional centers of the country, special attention is paid to sports and to development of sports palaces, complexes and stadiums. One of the sports objects of Mogilev is the Palace of Gymnastics.

This sports complex started its work in the beginning of 1973. Gradually, it began to develop and expand the range of sections. In 1978 the section of acrobatics was opened in the complex. A little later, in 1982, here appeared a new direction – trampolining. 

The description of the Palace of Gymnastics in Mogilev

On the basis of the Palace of Gymnastics operates a state specialized training and sport institution “Mogilev city specialized children and youth sports school of Olympic Reserve “Bahima” named after O.G.Mishchenko”. The headmaster of the institution is Victor Stanislavovich Shaynikov who tries to do everything possible for the prosperity and productive work of the school. Within this school are actively conducted coaching activities in five directions. Among them are sporting gymnastics and acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, jumping on the trampoline and acrobatic track. In the school there are groups for beginners, as well as here are engaged in training of professional athletes of the highest skill level. From time to time pupils distinguished themselves for their skills and capabilities during the whole period of school existence. School of Olympic Reserve №6 actively participates in all competitions, which are conducted by the city and regional authorities. As a rule, the school shows good results and, if does not win, it definitely takes one of the prize-winning places. Pupils take an active part in events and city festivals that motivates and encourages the youth to go in for various sports at this school.  

More than a dozen prominent athletes, who have won honorable places at the national, European and world competitions, were graduates of the Palace of Gymnastics. The sports complex proudly honors its graduates, and the entire list of winners can be seen on the honor roll. Annually the sports complex has about 900 students, 20 of which are included in the team of the National team of the Republic of Belarus.

Outstanding athletes are not born – they become such, and experienced coaches provide active assistance in this. Nowadays 46 coaches work here. Among them there are 5 coaches who have the highest category.

On the basis of the sports complex operates a large weight room where anyone can come. In the weight room there are both weight machines, and cardio machines.  Experienced trainers actively work with visitors: they help to develop a program to achieve the best results.

Nowadays the Palace of Gymnastics in Mogilev may propose over 120 services on a fee basis.  

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