House of Sports in the city of Mogilev

Mogilev, Mogilev, av. Mira, 8

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The description of the House of Sports in the city of Mogilev 

In the city of Mogilev, like in all other regional centers of the country, quite a lot of attention is paid to the development of sports and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Here are many sports complexes, stadiums and sports institutions, which actively conduct their work for the benefit of the population. One of such sports complexes is the House of Sport in Mogilev.

Within the House of Sports almost every visitor, who likes not only active, but quiet forms of recreation and pastime, will find something to his liking. This place will be perfect to improve your physical health and restore moral strength.

The main feature of the House of Sport is considered the presence of a large pool. It consists of 6 separate tracks, its depth ranges from a maximum of 4.5 meters to a minimum of 1.6 meters. Such a huge size of the pool gives an opportunity to swim in a big team. The pool is not just for free swimming, but also here works groups on training. Here are groups both for children and adults. In the framework of the pool everyone can attend water aerobics classes, which become popular among women due to the known facts, confirming the effectiveness of this form of exercises. In this case, water not only relaxes and is a great way to relieve stress, but also allows bringing the body to tone and getting a lot of positive emotions and pleasure.

On the territory of the House of Sport there are two saunas: one is close to the main pol and the other one has its one small swimming pool. That is why after actively playing sports, you can relax and warm your muscles in the steam room.

The sports complex has a large gym which is intended for game sports: mini-football, volleyball, basketball, etc.  Next to the large hall there is a smaller one with mats used for wrestling. Sometimes in this small hall are held classes in karate-do, which may be attended by anyone.  

The House of Sport runs the Studio of modern dance of Mogilev, which offers to learn such dance styles like Breakdancing, TopStale and Hip-hop. All classes are held in the evening that allows everyone to visit the Studio after work or study. Here is an opportunity to practice with a day-off group or for an individual program.

Moreover the House of Sport can offer different directions of fitness. Here works a weight room with numerous exercise machines on different muscle groups. Among joint classes here are made up groups on fitness, aerobics and yoga.  Moreover in the sports complex there are many sports clubs for children of various ages and for adults.

Visit the House of Sport will certainly brighten up gray everyday life and will contribute to the life of every visitor something new and interesting. Playing sports is always not only positive emotions, but also a huge benefit to the body, no wonder that more and younger people are refusing from harmful lifestyle and begin to live healthy.


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