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A sports organization with such a name appeared in Brest not so long ago, in July 2010. A couple of months later in the city the Palace of water sports started its work in the city, the opening of the sports ground was visited by the Head of the Belarusian state Alexander Lukashenko. The equipment and versatility of the Palace building, where is training a new generation of athletes, have no analogues in Belarus. The modern complex is located on 26 thousand sq.m. and equipped so that training in the Centre will be the most effective and comfortable. Here are held competitions of Republican and International scale, are prepared superior swimmers, citizens maintain the level of physical training. 

With the appearance of the Center of Olympic Reserve in Brest water sports received quick development and spread. Here is training a change of the national team in single swimming, water Polo, water jumping, in addition, here are engaged in synchronized swimming and invasportIn four schools in the city have already been operating actively specialized sports classes in swimming, synchronized swimming and water Polo. Today, athletes, educated in this Center of Olympic Reserve in Brest, are a part of the teams of Brest region, they are the winners of competitions within the country and abroad.

Nowadays, the Centre is preparing fifteen masters of sport, two of which are of international class, and forty Candidates in masters of sport. A professional team of 38 trainers leads young athletes to achievements and victories. The rest of the time swimming pools and gyms are open for residents of the city.

According to the standards accepted in the world

The training swimming pool with the impressive size 50х25 meters and a depth of from two to three meters can accommodate 120 swimmers per one session. The swimming area is equipped with two electronic timing systems “Omega” and “Splash Meet Manager” and it gives an opportunity to transmit results online. Here is also a special platform that divides the total space it 2 baths by 25 meters each. Thanks to all this, in Brest are held camps and tournaments on long and short water.

Another swimming area is 25 meters in length and 70-140 cm in depth. Up to 32 people can swim simultaneously on four tracks. Here is a hydraulic lifter, so that people with disabilities who have to move in wheelchairs, can also go in for swimming.

Here is a separate pool, where young people are trained water jumping. Its size is 25х25 meters and has a depth of from 4 to 6 meters; it is equipped with 5 diving towers and 6 springboards with a non-slip coating of different footage.  Athletes are raised by a lift to the towers.  Teams of synchronized swimming and water Polo practice in the same pool.

Work-outs for kids are held in the pool “Malyutka” (baby), which size is 10 by 6 meters and the depth is even less than one meter. 

Work-outs “on land”

Sportsmen spend a lot of time in gyms. The Palace of Olympic Reserve for water sports has 6 such areas; at any moment they are ready to accept international competitions:

  • a specialized sports hall for water jumping and synchronized swimming is located on a 234 sq. m;
  • a trampoline hall occupies the area of 137 sq. m, where are springboards, a track and a carpet, equipment for gymnastics and a trampoline pit;
  • a fully equipped weight room;
  • a game room for sports games;
  • 2 halls of dry swimming with special equipment;
  • a dance hall.



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