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Sports facilities are not always a typical stadium for various events. And an example of this is the ultramodern stadium "Borisov-Arena", for today acting as a kind of new symbol and the main attraction of Borisov.

How it was

The idea to build such a unique architectural object appeared in 2010, and for its embodiment, talented Slovenian architects - Spela Videchnik and Rock Oman - were called upon. They have already become famous in the homeland thanks to the construction of the stadium "Lyudski vrt", located in the city of Maribor.

Of course, such a grandiose construction could not happen in a few months - the construction of the "Borisov-Arena" took about three years. The official opening, timed to the finals of the Belarusian Cup held between the teams "Neman" and "Shakhtar", occurred on May 3, 2014.

It is believed that this stadium is the home arena for the famous local club BATE. His first game with a subsequent victory, he held here a few days after the opening, on May 10.

However, not only for local competitions such an impressive structure was created. Soon it is planned to receive the fourth classification according to UEFA standards, which will further expand the scope of its use. However, already today he can host meetings of the League of Europe and the Champions League.

Design Features

From the side the stadium "Borisov-Arena" looks like an alien ship of a streamlined shape. Outside, it is covered with metal sheets alternating with textile inserts, which ensure unimpeded penetration of light from the fixtures and advantageously hide the details of the structure. In the end of the roof for the most effective installed spotlights, able to properly illuminate a fairly large area of ​​105x68 m.

The field itself is also quite unique for Belarus. It has a high-quality coating from the company Richter, equipped with a system of liquid heating and irrigation.

For spectators here is everything you need, starting from the number and comfort of seats (for 13121 visitors there are about 650 places of high comfort, as well as 114 for journalists) and ending with developed infrastructure. The latter implies about 1 000 parking spaces, several food outlets, a shop with sports souvenirs, a children's playroom and even a gym and a fitness room. This is really unique for the country's comfort indicators, which in the near future can cause the country's most important events in football life.

There is an opportunity to organize wedding photo sessions and press conferences on the territory of the complex, as well as full-scale excursions.

Today, the "Borisov Arena" causes unflagging interest among residents and guests of Belarus. It is noteworthy that he entered the list of the best stadiums built in 2014 in the world, taking the 7th place. The original and unusual design, coupled with the maximum comfort for both athletes and fans, attracts more and more foreign partners and founders of sporting events.

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