TsUM in Brest

Masherova Ave., 17


Working hours: 10.00-22.00

Brest Central Department Store has been the main shopping center of the city for more than six decades. It was built in the Soviet years. And now it is a modern building with developed infrastructure. 

Potential buyers will find inside:

  • more than 7 thousand retail space;

  • a food court, where you can taste dishes of various cuisines, including the national Belarusian (read our gastro tour, if you are interested in where to go for really tasty food);

  • a department store where you can purchase any group of goods, without which we can not imagine our daily life;

  • the floor of the old good TsUM.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: TsUM in Minsk is not just a store. This is a special atmosphere, which even the creators of the movie Hipsters liked. However, not only TsUM became a movie star. There are other places in Belarus that were used in movies.

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