Entertainment center Pixel

Entertainment center Pixel

Brest, Shevchenko Boulevard, 4

Shopping center

Working hours: 10:00-21:00

Entertainment center Pixel is one of the best places for families with children in Brest. 

On a vast territory of 700 square meters are located:

  • a children's labyrinth,

  • a play area and slot machines,

  • a contact zoo Strana Enotiya,

  • a mirror labyrinth.

In the play area, under the supervision of professional animators, your kids will definitely not get bored! And in the contact zoo, they can get acquainted with funny raccoons, playful squirrels, friendly guinea pigs and pet goats.

The mirror labyrinth is a real test for children and their parents. Amazing transitions, intricate passages, dead ends and lots of fun — be smart and look for a way out all together!

If you are planning to visit Brest with your children, use our city guide to not miss a thing. And be sure to check out Pixel if you want to have fun with the whole family!

Source:  http://www.bk-brest.by/2016/

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