Brest, 28 July street, 37A


Working hours: 09:00–02:00

On 28 Iyulya street 37a in Brest, there is a supermarket Mix. 

It presents a large selection of food products, as well as:

  • confectionery,

  • meat and culinary workshops,

  • bakery production.

A large selection of fresh semi-finished products will help you easily prepare dinner, and a convenient working time allows you to buy the right products easily, even if you return from work very late. The main feature of the supermarket is the availability of an order table. If you are going to celebrate a wedding soon, organize a banquet or arrange any other holiday — leave a request and the dishes will be decorated beautifully and festively for you.

In addition to products, in the supermarket Mix, you can find pavilions with fresh flowers, optics, cosmetics and other non-food products.

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