The Poplavok Shop

The Poplavok Shop

Brest, st. Career, 11


Working hours: 08.00-20.00

Low prices, an extensive assortment, competent assistance in choosing products and an individual approach are guaranteed at the Poplavok store in Brest for every fishing enthusiast. Here you will find tackle:

  • for feeder fishing,

  • for winter fishing,

  • float fishing and more.

A huge selection of spinings, fishing rods, various baits, spinners and much more will please the fishermen who come here to replenish their tackle for their favorite hobby. A distinctive feature of the store is that since 2013 they have been selling equipment for spearfishing, as well as diving. So if you dreamed of swimming under water or hunting for fish - go to the Poplavok store on Karyernaya 11.

If this is your first visit to Brest, we recommend using our guide to this city.


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