Shop of national Belarusian clothes and souvenirs Knyaz Vіtaut

Brest, st. Soviet, 55


Working hours: 10.00-21.00

Belarusian national culture attracts both foreigners and citizens of Belarus. Recently, more and more often on the streets of the city you can meet people in clothes in the national Belarusian style. This is not only clothes with Belarusian symbols, but also textiles, accessories and decorations of young Belarusian designers.

You can buy clothes and souvenirs of the national Belarusian style in the Knyaz Vіtaut shop in Brest. The store offers a wide selection of clothes including for children, accessories, jewelry, textiles, dishes and even board games.

Promotions and discounts in the store will allow you to buy your favorite item cheaper.

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