Shop Belarusian cosmetics Belita-Vitex

Brest, Av. Masherova, 59


Working hours: 10.00-19.00

Belarusian cosmetics is gaining increasing popularity. The cosmetics of Belarusian manufacturers was appreciated not only by Belarusians and tourists from Russia, but also by foreign citizens.

Care and decorative Belarusian cosmetics Belita-Vitex is characterized by the most natural composition, safe additives, effective means and low price.

You can buy Belarusian cosmetics in Brest either at one of the hypermarkets or department stores in Brest, or at one of the Belita-Vitex brand stores in Brest.

There are three Belita-Vitex Belarusian cosmetics stores in Brest: on av. Masherov, 59, on the st. Yanki Kupala, 106 and on the st. Gavrilova, 15.

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