Convenience store On the Swamp

Brest, st. Kotovskogo, 9


Working hours: 10:00-19:00

The shop On the swamp has already become a real brand of the Kievka microdistrict in Brest. It is the only convenience store where you can come in the middle of the night and buy basic necessities (for example, if you need to bake a cake or pancakes in the middle of the night in order to please relatives and friends with fresh pastries in the morning).

The main concept which is followed by Prodtovary OJSC, the owner of the trading facility, is to bring all stores to the European level. At the same time, the leadership decided not to change the popular name familiar to people and placed it under the new name of the shop — Prodtovary 5. Therefore, even now, residents of the Brest Kievka microdistrict can buy fresh food in the convenience store On the swamp.

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