Hypermarket Korona

Hypermarket Korona

Gomel, st. Sovetskaya, 200


Working hours: 09:00-23:00

Hypermarket Korona is located on the main street in the city of Gomel. Next to it are transport interchanges, an exit from the city, as well as a large residential community. The total area of ​​the shopping center is 3960 sq.m. 

The range of products offered includes:

  • live and fresh-frozen fish,

  • meat cutting and semi-finished meat products,

  • bakery and confectionery products,

  • groceries,

  • fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits (including exotic),

  • children’s goods,

  • household cosmetics and chemistry,

  • stationery and more.

Korona hypermarket has its own culinary department with dishes of Belarusian cuisine and delicious fast food. It also has a fast-food restaurant Pit stop, communication salons, a Korean cosmetics store MISSHA and other shopping pavilions.

Not far from korona is the shopping center Karusel with a wide selection of household goods.

Source: https://news.tut.by/

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