Brest, Av. Masherova, 57
  • Type: Book Shop

You can buy books, magazines and stationery in the bookstore Asvet in Brest

Brest, Blvd. Shevchenko, 11
  • Type: Hypermarket

The Mom Dad Me shop toys invites you to shop: toys and plastic chest of drawers.

Brest, Brest, st. Moscow, 263
  • Type: Hypermarket

In the Buslik shop you can buy baby carriages and furniture for toddlers, children's clothes and shoes, stationery , school backpacks and bags.

Brest, Brest, st. Makhnovich, 6
  • Type: Shopping center

Recreation, shopping and entertainment await you in the shopping center Varshavsky» in Brest. In the shops you can buy household appliances, clothing and footwear, electronics, products, jewelry, as w...

Mogilev, Cosmonauts str, 2
  • Type: Shopping center, Grocery, Hypermarket, Grocery store

Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo Ave., 119-856
  • Type: Jewerely store

Minolita is a Belarusian manufacturer of author's jewelry made of silver and natural stones.

Gomel, Pobedy Square, 2
  • Type: Department store

Despite the small area of the store, the choice in it is simply huge. 

  • Type: Department store

The store has a large selection of products for everyone. 

  • Type: Shopping center

Gomel, st. Telmana, 1
  • Type: Book Shop

This small bookstore is located in the heart of the city. It can be difficult for many to find it right away, but you just need to turn off the main street into the courtyards.

Gomel, Lenina Ave., 20
  • Type: Supermarket

If you are looking for an unusual little thing for home or as a gift in Gomel, be sure to check out the store Totem. Having got here for a couple of minutes, you can stay for a long time. From the cho...

Grodno, Yanka Kupala Ave., 87
  • Type: Shopping center

The huge shopping and entertainment center TRINITY is full of shops. Here you can buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumery, food, electronics, household appliances, books, toys, jewellery and much...

Minsk, Pobediteley Avenue, 17
  • Type: Supermarket

If you are going to buy a fur coat or fur accessories, be sure to check out the Kingdom of Fur, opposite the Sports Palace. The shop is located on the 2nd floor.

Minsk, Pobediteley ave., 5
  • Type: Supermarket

Perhaps it is difficult to find a person from near abroad who would not have heard about the positive reviews about Belarusian cosmetics.

Minsk, ave. Pobediteley, 11
  • Type: Book Shop

The large bookstore Belkniga is located directly opposite the Sports Palace. The building is two-storey.

Gomel, st. Pushkina 16A
  • Type: Grocery store

This is one of the oldest shops in the city, small but cozy.

Gomel, st. Rogachevskaya, 3
  • Type: Grocery

Not far from the three-storey department store Gomel there is a small trade pavilion Nevsky Confectioner.

Stolbtsy, st. Centralnaya, 3v
  • Type: Shopping center

The shopping center Armando is located in the center of Stolbtsy and is popular among locals and visitors of the city.

Logoisk, st. Minskaya, 9a
  • Type: Shopping center

The family shopping and entertainment center Logoisk City is always crowded. The reason is the versatility of the shopping center.

Slonim, st. Brestskaya 97 A
  • Type: Hypermarket

If you decide to purchase handmade wood products, visit Exclusive store in Slonim. To leave the place here without purchases is simply impossible!