Motalski prysmakі 2019


10.08.2019 - 11.08.2019


Motol, the hospitable agro-town, which is famous for its museum and culinary traditions, welcomes guests on the annual Motalsky prysmakі grand festival from August 10 to 11, 2019. National cuisine itself is a tourist attraction in Belarus; it is worth to go on a trip for it (by the way, we have already drawn up a route). Motol city residents know a lot about this: since 2008, they have been annually hosting a feast for the whole world!

That’s what you will see at the festival program:

  • tasting a wide variety of dishes, including famous Motolski sausages;

  • a fair of Belarusian masters and artisans;

  • sports

  • initiation into the secrets of local culinary masterpieces;

  • a reconstruction of folklore rites;

  • a large-scale open-air in the disco style of 80-90 years with the participation of stars and much more.

What other events are expected in the summer, you will learn from our list of Belarusian festivals in 2019.

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