Quest "White Elephant"


23.02.2019 - 20.04.2019


Quest "White Elephant" - another exclusive product of the Mir Castle, which probably will appeal to lovers of secrets and mystery. For nearly 100 years, Mir Castle has kept the story of the White Elephant. And now it's time to open the veil of secrecy and learn an incredible story that has been forgotten for a long time. The guardian of the Mir Castle prepared for the participants of the quest difficult tests for logic and ingenuity and, of course, for knowledge of history. Only after passing this difficult challenges, you can find out what White Elephant means.

Before the start of the game, visitors who have purchased a ticket to participate in the quest can independently get acquainted with the permanent exhibition of the museum, as well as additionally order an excursion program or an audio guide service.

You can also order a quest for your company by appointment no later than 2 weeks before the game.

The quest is designed for simultaneous participation from 10 to 50 people and provides for the participation of individual teams with the number of players in each from 1 to 5.

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