Kolyadnye tsari 2020


13.01.2020 - 14.01.2020


Kolyadnye tsari is a unique rite for Belarus and the whole world, which exists and is carried out exclusively in the agricultural town of Semezhevo (Kopylsky district, Minsk region). This holiday is so unusual and amazing that it was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

The history of Kolyadnye tsari has its roots in the distant XVIII century. At that time, under the village was a camp of Russian troops. According to legend, on the day of New Year's Eve (according to the old style of the Julian calendar), soldiers showed a cheerful performance to local residents, going from one hut to another. Grateful hosts treated the artists with various goodies.

After the soldiers left, the villagers did not forget about them and continued the good tradition laid down by the Russian soldiers and turned it into a distinctive holiday. The ceremony involves young men who dress in white. Each plays the role of tsar. Each of them plays a role — someone becomes a doctor, someone a mech, and someone — a real king Maximilian. A procession with cheerful noise and din roars through the village and enters the houses where the tsari play a performance called Tsar Maximilian. In the evening, the procession looks even more colourful when participants light torches.

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