25.08.2018 - 25.08.2018


фестивали минск
фестивали минск
фестивали минск
фестивали минск

"Mashina vremeni" will perform in Minsk at the annual festival "HmelnovFEST".

There will be an entertainment, great food, beer and music in the park "Starostinskaya sloboda" in front of the hotel "Belarus".
In the evening, the legendary band  "Mashina vremeni" will perform.
On HmelnovFEST everyone will find entertainment to their taste. At the festival, there will be several areas:
  • Men's location (fishing, cup darts and much more)
  • Women's locations (master classes, competitions, dancing and free make up from a professional make-up artists)
  • Children's locations (akvagrim, trampolines, slides and animators)
  • Food court (snacks, master classes from mediaperson, Georgian shashlik and bartenders show)
  • Live music ( "Mashina vremeni", "Krambambulya", "Krama", OpenSpace and top 5 best cover band music competition CoverKing.)
  • Lounge area for those who want to relax

For those who lives in the regional cities will be organized package tours to the festival.

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