SPRAVA Festival 2021

SPRAVA Festival 2021

13.08.2021 - 15.08.2021


The international festival of interaction with the historical and natural landscape of Belarus by means of contemporary art and music in 2021 will be held from 13 to 15 August on the shores of the picturesque Lake Chereis in the village of Belaya Tsarkva.

In August 2017, in the village of Belaya Tsarkva, Vitebsk Region, directors Matvey Saburov and Katya Averkova and musician Sergei Kravchenko organized the SPRAVA experimental art festival for the first time. They moved to Belaya Tsarkva a few years ago, and now they are starting to revitalize local locations. The main goal of the festival was formulated as follows: "SPRAVA is the experience of interacting with the natural and cultural landscape by means of contemporary art, craft and music."

As a result, a neat scene in the style of land art appeared on the peninsula. Actually, in honor of the construction of this exquisite object, a festival was organized. During the festival, Shuma, Port Mone and other musicians performed, theater and carpentry workshops on the peninsula next to the 16th century church. The organizers hope that in the future, not only they will host events here, but also cultural activists from other places, as well as local ones. Perhaps very soon the peninsula will become a place of attraction for many curious people: at least this festival turned out to be very promising.

SPRAVA confidently occupies the niche of the only soul-festival in Belarus so far.

Camping will be organized on the territory of the festival. You don't have to pay separately to pitch your tent on the festival peninsula - all tickets include a tent spot at the festival camp! If spending the night in a tent is not for you, then you can consider the following options (note that you can only get there by private car):

  • Hotel "Lukoml" in Novolukoml
  • House of the hunter and fisherman in Chereya
  • Manor Abuzerie 10 km from us
  • Camping on Lake Selyava

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