Festival of solo performances will be held in Polotsk


05.04.2019 - 07.04.2019


The first international festival of solo performances Umoўno will be held in Polotsk from April 5 to April 7. Theaters from Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will take part in the festival. The event was called Umoўno.

The name Umoўno for a new event was not chosen by chance. The name is based on the word «mono» (translated from the ancient Greek «one»). During the performance, the professional actor will demonstrate his mastery in the art of expression of emotions and changing moods, showing the evolution of the method of creating an image of the hero. The letter «ў» appeared in the title is also not accidental. It is a graphic display of the language features of the Belarusians and a symbol of their uniqueness. In Polotsk, there is even a monument to the letter «Ў».

The upcoming event promises to be very interesting.

Everyone who comes to Polotsk is imperatively advised not to limit oneself to the festival of solo performances, but also to see the numerous sights of Polotsk on Dvina.

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