The festival of history and culture Mensk Starazhytny


08.09.2018 - 09.09.2018


The festival of history and culture "Mensky Tryazhytny" will open in the green zone at the intersection of the Pobediteley and Masherov Avenue on September 9, 2017, exactly at 11:07 am.

In addition to the reconstruction of the Middle Ages, this year the guests of the festival will be able to see the demonstration performance of clubs that are engaged in the reconstruction of the Napoleonic era and World War II.

Several camp camps will operate at the festival: the knight camp, the Viking camp, the partisan camp of the Great Patriotic War, and the marching camp of the Russian army and Napoleon's Great Army.

In each of the camps will be organized a mini-museum. In addition to the grandiose program with the participation of the re-enactors of the three mentioned epochs, the festival will offer an equally interesting musical program: folk and folk-rock bands will enter the stage.

In addition, a large city of masters will unfold on the territory of the festival, where master classes on blacksmithing and pottery will be held, it will be possible to observe the work of gunsmiths and jewelers.

An interactive playground with master classes on ancient dances and games will open. Everyone will also be able to learn archery, throwing copies and other interesting things.

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