Buildings of Minsk in a selection of modernist architecture of the popular project
The birth of the style of Soviet modernism is associated with the Khrushchev thaw - then domestic architects began to read specialized magazines and exchange experiences with Western colleagues. Socialist realism is similar to brutalism: massive forms, functionality, solidity, predominantly light gray color, since the main material was reinforced concrete. Nothing superfluous - just representativeness and reliability. Government buildings, residential buildings, cultural, industrial, and even ritual buildings were built in this style. Moreover, the collective mod is not only buildings, but also monuments and mosaics.
The Birou pentru artă şi cercetare urbană (BACU) Association of Romanian and Moldovan Architects deals with the protection, restoration and preservation of modernist architecture from 1955-1991 in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Architects collect documents and ask officials to add the architecture of socialist modernism to the heritage list. This is how the association tries to protect unique buildings from demolition and destruction.

The organization also publishes huge photo catalogs of its findings through the Socialist Modernism project. The bureau publishes thick thematic photo albums: there are separately on socialist modernism of the former Yugoslavia, Moldova, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and in general for the countries of the former eastern bloc.
Architects, including on Instagram, publish photos and information about the most interesting objects. Their account has 224 thousand subscribers. Buildings from Minsk were also included in the selection. The pictures help Belarusians look at the familiar architecture from a different angle.

Some photos in the account are repeated three or even five times, more and more new comments are written to them and thousands of new likes are put.