Light up your Universe: "Eurovision-2018" in Belarus!
International Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is back! And this time the honor to host talented performers and guests is given to Belarus.

The date of the event is already known: on November 25, 2018, the competition will be held on the territory of the Minsk-Arena sports complex, which will be designed in accordance with the theme chosen for the annual competition. Large and small scenes that will connect the bridge will be built. Special podiums, a dance floor and an auditorium will be united into a projection of the Solar System, and the green room, where the performers wait for the results of the competition with their support group and communicate with presenters, will take shape under the starry sky. The dome of the complex will be filled with incredible chandeliers, and even the press room, the main hall and the dressing rooms of the contestants will undergo stylish changes.

The day before the event, there will be a dress rehearsal, and 20 countries have confirmed their participation in the contest – for the first time in the history of Junior Eurovision.

  Each year, the host country creates from scratch a unique symbolism for the upcoming competition, the only condition is the preservation of the classic text for Eurovision. A grandiose meeting of talents on all scales will be held under the slogan “Light up!”, the authorship of which, like the symbol of the competition (an ascending star shaped upside down in
the style of the Belarusian national ornament) belongs to Maxim Bukas. The designer admitted that this idea was inspired by the work of Maxim Bogdanovich, “The Sorker of Venus”. The symbolism of Eurovision-2018 was chosen by the European Broadcasting Union, which was presented with 300 options.

This year, the representative of Belarus is fourteen years old Daniel Yastremsky, actor of the pop studio vocal Studio Play. Fond of not only music, but various sports, the young singer shared that his song “Time” tells the story of human happiness. For each its own, and those who are still in search, will certainly find their personal happiness. When? Time will tell!

Conducting such a serious event was entrusted to mastodons in the sphere of culture and entertainment: Yevgeny Perlin, founder of the evening talk show genre in Belarus; Helene Merrai, the delegate of the Junior Eurovision 2017 and the center of the Green Room ’Universe’ at this; a young but promising singer, Xena, who became a frequenter of famous TV shows and song contests. The opening ceremony of Euroweek will be accompanied by the voices of Denis Dudinsky and Anna Quiloria.

Everything from the design of the stage to the choice of presenters promises to the Belarusians and guests of the country a unique in its scale and beautiful show, which can not be missed!

Are you ready to #lightup your Universe?