The last mural for the festival Vulica Brazil is painted

The last mural for the festival Vulica Brazil is painted

04.10.2019 Minsk

Vulica Brazil is a significant event in Belarus, which turned the factory street Oktyabrskaya into a cult place to rest for Minsk residents. In 2019, the urban art festival gave the city a new graffiti. Work on the last one was started in mid-September and it was ended not long ago.

The mural is called Imgnenastst, and it is painted on a huge wall located under the bridge (at the intersection of Independence Avenue and Bobruisk Street). The name and the plot of the painting by Gomel artist Vlad Khvostov encourage people to think about the transience of life. Occasionally, it is worth taking a pause from the screens of smartphones, closing your favorite social networks and just looking around. There are so many beautiful and interesting things in the world!

By the way, the first graffiti for the festival appeared in August. Its author is a famous artist from Brazil Bruno Big.


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