Choosing a tourist brand of the Republic of Belarus!
National Tourism Agency ( holds an open public vote for the best concept of the Belarusian tourist brand.

Applicants for victory - designers, copywriters, advertisers, marketers and tourism enthusiasts from across the country. Each of them prepared and presented their own version of the project with a detailed description and presentation. What the authors of the concepts took as a basis, and what symbols of Belarus they offer in addition to traditional storks, bisons and cornflowers, can be found on the agency’s website.

The chosen brand concept, which wins at all stages of voting, will be widely used in the future for the presentation and promotion of tourism opportunities of the Republic of Belarus at the international level.

17 participants reached the final (a total of 24 applications were sent to the competition). The last word will be for the expert committee.

You can vote for the most creative and interesting idea until December 16 inclusive.