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Vulica Brasil: where the first graffiti will appear

Vulica Brasil: where the first graffiti will appear


From July 29 to August 11, the large-scale festival of street art Vulica Brasil once again takes place in Minsk. Brazilian artist Bruno Big, who studied engraving in Brazil, will open series of works that will be created as part of the event. Vocational education left its mark on the master’s style: his murals resemble graphic works.

VETLIVA says: if the word a mural is unfamiliar to you, let’s explain: this is the name of a large image applied to a building or a wall.

The sketch is ready, the future drawing is called Take care of your garden. The place of its placement is symbolic: graffiti will decorate the Sandbox, one of Minsk’s favorite recreational areas. According to the tradition, the festival will take place on Oktyabrskaya Street and will be accompanied by master classes, film screenings, creative meetings, lectures and many other activities. So if you come to Minsk for a couple of days — catch a guide on Minsk from VETLIVA and do not forget to add a visit to the Vulica Brasil festival to your plan.

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