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Vitebsk buses now have free Wi-fi

Vitebsk buses now have free Wi-fi

29.12.2018 Vitebsk

MTS provided buses on the routes between Vitebsk and Minsk with free Internet. You can use Wi-fi during a trip from the regional center to Lepel, Glubokoe, Rossony, Ushachi, Postavy, Braslav, Chashniki, Novopolotsk and Novolukoml.

Also, buses with free Internet access leave the bus stations of Novopolotsk, Orsha, Glubokoye and Braslav. In particular, use of the Internet in buses from Orsha to Vitebsk, Novopolotsk, Minsk, Gorki, Orekhovsk and Shibuki.

Free Wi-Fi is available to any bus passenger. You only need to pass the identification: enter the mobile phone number on the authorization Portal. In response come SMS with a code, which must be specified when connecting. The network is set up so that the Internet can be comfortably used by all passengers. The customer of the organization of Wi-Fi in buses made Vitebsk Oblavtotrans.

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  • Distance to Minsk: 100 km
  • The private well drinking mineral water "Borova", an ideal place for a quiet family holiday.
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