In the Trinity suburb there will be a new sculpture

In honor of the 950th anniversary of Minsk, a new sculpture in the form of a wheel will be installed in the Trinity Suburb. This form of the monument was chosen not accidentally: the wheel is one of the oldest Slavic symbols, which embodies the sun, the circle of life, the cyclical nature of our being. In addition, the wheel was an indispensable attribute of the peasant economy and was used for the holidays of Kupalye and Kolyady.

The sketch has already been approved, the enterprise "Minsk Spadchina" takes part in its implementation, and Alexander Finsky, the winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus, will be the sculptor. The composition of three meters diameter will be made of bronze. It will be installed on a granite boulder, and on the fluttering ribbon with Belarusian ornament, which will complement the sculptural composition, there will be an inscription "To Belarusians of the World".

The sculpture will be dedicated to all Belarusians who live in different corners of our planet . Whereas the idea and the form of the future monument were approved by all at once, then the issue of the site has been solved only recently. At first it was planned to install a sculpture in Loshitsky Park, however due to its importance, it was decided that the memorial sign should be in the center. Therefore, the sculpture will be installed on the embankment of Svisloch, not far from the Trinity suburb.