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In Slonim, a monument to Leo Sapieha was erected

In Slonim, a monument to Leo Sapieha was erected


Since August 22, the four-meter bronze monument of Leo Sapega adorns the historic center of Slonim. The famous figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is depicted in full growth, holding a royal letter in his hand. The authors of the sculpture are Ivan Misko, Vladimir Pipin and Sergey Logvin.

Why did the creators of the monument turn to the image of Leo Sapieha? Their choice is not accidental. At one time, the illustrious author of the ON Statute was the headman of Slonim and contributed a lot to its development. For example, it was he who applied for obtaining for Slonim the Magdeburg Law and its own coat of arms: a lion that holds a golden arrow.

The grand opening is timed to the Day of Belarusian writing, which September 1 is hosted by Slonim. By the way, this is not the only monument to a prominent statesman of Belarus: not so long ago, a sculpture of Prince Gedimin was erected in Lida.

Source:  https://www.sb.by/

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