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There’s a cafe with a real helicopter in Minsk National Airport now

There’s a cafe with a real helicopter in Minsk National Airport now

04.11.2019 Minsk

Minsk Airport is now not only one of the most punctual, but also unusual. A few months ago appeared the information that a real helicopter would be installed here. And now the moment has come! The helicopter was brought through the same sliding gate through which passengers enter, only the blades were removed and transported one at a time. Now the helicopter is on the second floor of the departure zone.

The cafe has a capacity of 34 seats. Here you can drink coffee (there are three varieties to choose from) with cheesecake, honey cake, sandwiches and other pastries.

The main attraction of the cafe has an interesting history. Mi-2 was released in 1985 — it is almost the same age as the airport. It faithfully served the Ministry of Emergencies, and not in Belarus, but in Africa! And now the updated helicopter pleases everyone who uses the services of Belavia Airlines.

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