The trees became historical streets in Mogilev

The trees became historical streets in Mogilev


Near Mogilev, it was decided to restore historical justice and to recreate Pokrovsky Posad: this was the name of the area in which the quiet rest area was founded. The trees are planted so that they denote the contours of the historical streets that were once here. The idea was proposed by the public association Ecoproject, the idea was immediately supported by the local administration.

The tree species are also interesting: fruit trees were planted in the middle, and birch trees, maples and oaks typical of our climate were planted along the edges. It’s planned to implement the project called Pharmaceutical Garden, in which medicinal herbs will grow.

By the way, one of the oldest herbal chemist’s shop in Belarus is located in Rubezhevichi village. If you are interested in how our ancestors treated various diseases with the help of gifts of nature - our selection of fascinating tours to Belarus will definitely be useful to you.

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