In the Minsk subway appeared trains, decorated with the symbols of the European Games 2019

In Minsk subway 2 trains appeared branded with the symbolism of the II European Games. Branded trains are a joint project of the Minsk Metro and the Directorate of the II European Games. At the moment, there are 2 trains running: one on each subway line. Two carriages of trains are decorated with 15 images of Lesik's fox, in which he presents each sport. On the sides of the cars, there are also images of the logo of the forum of the second European games, the address of the official website and the hashtags of the upcoming sporting event. Stickers with information about the sporting event and its motto were placed on the remaining cars.

On the multimedia screens on the subway platforms and in the trains themselves, there is a video about the second European games. Orientation systems at stations will appear soon.

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