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Youth Internet forum will be held in Minsk

Youth Internet forum will be held in Minsk

06.11.2019 Minsk

Youth Internet Governance Forum will be held in Minsk on November 18. It will give a word to the youth of Belarus. Discussion of important and pressing issues will be organized:

  • how the internet works;

  • how every teenager can influence and manage the global network;

  • What types of Internet threats exist at the moment;

  • how to deal with hacking on the Internet, as well as issues of bullying and personal pages that are in the public domain.

The program includes debates and an opportunity to ask questions to residents of the High-Tech Park and other representatives of large corporations. Participation in the forum is free.

Advice from VETLIVA: even if you are not from Minsk, but you have something to say, book your stay on our website and go to the capital to change the Internet and yourself.

Source: https://hoster.by/

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Zhdanovichsky s / s, 67, 223080, Minsk district , Ratomka , Belarus
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