The floor in the Kolozhskaya church will be transparent
Now visitors to the Kolozhskaya church will be able to see the foundation and fragments of the temple column that collapsed several centuries ago.

As part of restoration activities aimed at restoring ancient historical monuments throughout Belarus, work began in the Kalozhskaya church in Grodno. More than 30 years ago, the base and fragments of the collapsed column of the temple were discovered, but only now it can be seen by ordinary visitors. All work will be completed by the end of November, but now the ceiling and stairs to the balcony have been updated in the church, and all the wiring is hidden to recreate the original appearance of the temple as much as possible.

Despite unforeseen situations during the works and actively carried out repairs, services are still held in the Kolozhskaya church.

Thus, soon excursions and visits to the temple will become even more interesting and unusual: at the moment, this is the first such object in Belarus, where the floor will be made out of glass and the ancient ruins will be highlighted and fully open to the eyes of visitors.