In Grodno without visa on the train or on the plane
Such information was told by Grodno oblast Governor Vladimir Kravtsov. "Next year we hope to expand visa-free zone, and to further increase the tourist flow in Grodno and the surrounding area. Tourists can come not only through automobile border checkpoints "Bruzgi" and "pryvalka" or Augustów canal, but also by rail and air traffic," explained the Governor.

It is expected that the railway station and the airport will accept a visa-free tourists by April 2018.

Visa-free zone on the Augustow channel launched on 23 October 2016. To come in Grodno and its surrounding area without a visa for 5 days, foreigners can only through road crossings "pryvalka – Raigardas" and "Bruzgi – Kuznitsa", as well as two seasonal checkpoint: "Lesnaya – Rudavka" and "pryvalka – Shvyandubre".