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A war film is being shot in the Braslav district

A war film is being shot in the Braslav district


In the center of the story is an ordinary Belarusian who performed a feat during the war years. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he hid a Jewish girl from the Nazi-German invaders in the basement. Risking his own life, the man takes her to the partisans. The working title of the film is Golem. The plot is written based on real events.

The film company Green Studio (Belarus) and the film company Sreda (Russia) are involved in the work.

The director of the film is Alexander Kott, who previously worked on Brest Fortress and The Other Side of the Moon.

Filming is divided into three parts. The first one has already been shot in Ops, the second one is planned to start in the first half of November. And the third stage will be filmed in the town of Disna, the Miory region.

Why was the agro-town Opsa chosen for the filming? The director, together with the team, visited many Belarusian settlements, but it was Opsa that captivated him. All thanks to the unique atmosphere of the old Jewish communities. In addition, the settlement is located on a hill, the wonderful view from the hill to the territory of Belarus impressed the team. Other factors also played a role: the abundance of stone buildings, interesting courtyards and even people.

According to the project participants, thanks to the unique landscape and picturesque landscapes around Opsa, it can become a place for filming once again.

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