Interactive translators will appear in "Belsoyuzpechat"
November 21, 2018 "Belsoyuzpechat" celebrates its grand anniversary: ​​exactly 100 years since the emergence of a network of enterprises for the distribution of printed products.

In honor of such an event, it was announced that the pavilions would be fully refurbished and turned into real multifunctional points of sale and service. Now, in "Belsoyuzpechat" offices it will be possible to call a taxi and order a transfer to the airport, charge phones and other gadgets, and also communicate with a seller in any language using an online translator. In the foreseeable future, it is planned to create a system to pay for utilities and purchase tickets for any events.

At the moment, many pavilions already provide the opportunity to order a delicious coffee, grab a snack and browse through a fresh newspaper at the time.

A special gift is waiting for Belarusians and guests of the country at the beginning of the II European Games in 2019: each department will be equipped with an interactive translator-consultant and navigator around Minsk.

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